AromaWorks is a British based company specialising in using only the finest natural ingredients, delivering the full therapeutic benefits of 100% pure essential oils. Aromaworks products are free from perfume and alcohol to gently but effectively treat delicate skin, including cases of Eczema, Psoriasis and Rosacea


Aromaworks Absolute Facial

A wonderfully relaxing yet instantly effective treatment for all skin types. Allow your therapist to tailor your treatment to suit your needs, with skincare containing premium essential oils and active ingredients Coenzyme Q10 and Hyaluronic acid. Once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, one of our four signature facial oils will be massaged into the face, neck, chest and shoulders. Our super hydrating Absolute Face Serum will then be left to melt into the skin whilst you enjoy either our hand or foot energy point massage. The anti-aging properties of our 14 Bioactive ingredients including rose and sandlewood, leaves your skin with improved elastisity and a bright youthful appearence.


Aromaworks Absolute Eye Treatment

This treatment has been designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness in order to brighten the delicate area surrounding the eye. It involves the use of pressure point therapy and lymphatic drainage techniques, alongside the powerful properties of Arnica and Glycosaminoglycans to boost circulation and support toxin removal. A deeply hydrating treat to reduce the signs of ageing and leave you feeling ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’

Aromaworks Energy Point Remedy

The hands or feet are firsty refreshed with warm soothing mitts. The key reflex points are then stimulated before these areas are massaged further to relieve tired muscles. A short but sweet, highly effective treatment.

Aromaworks Thermo Therapy Experience

A highly therapeutic massage using the energy and heat retaining properties of volcanic basalt stones. Deep and fast penetration of the muscles is achieved to release tension in the body and promote profound relaxation. The warm stones will be used as and extension of your therapists hands as well as being expertly placed on energy centres of the body. With the addition of one of our signature body oils this treatment becomes a truely blissful experience.

Aromaworks Absolute Deluxe Facial

A luxurious treatment combining the ‘The Absolute Facial’ and ‘The Absolute Eye Treatment’ into one sublime experience. Once the skin has been cleansed and treated with active ingreadients Meadowsweet, Bamboo powder and Seagrass you may indulge in either a scalp, foot or hand pressure point massage whilst your rejuvenating face mask soaks into your pores. Our Absolute eye serum will then be applied using our specialist techniques to brighten and tighten the skin, to ensure you are left looking and feeling totally luminescent. Our nourishing Day Cream locks into the layers of the skin with Calendula and Kakadu plum to leave you with a radiant glow.

Aromaworks Bespoke Body Ritual

A unique full body indulgence whereby the massage tecniques, the pressure and the blend of essential oils are completely tailored to your needs. Allow your therapist to help you choose from our Relaxing, Revitilising, or Detoxifying massage oils.

Aromaworks Himalayan Body Brilliance

This wonderful body polish treatment uses rare pink Himalayan sea salt to exfoliate the body leaving it silky soft and delicately fragranced An expert blend of 84 trace minerals detoxifies the body and encourages nutrient absorption to nourish the skin. This brilliant treatment is completed with a conditioning fusion of 12 Bioactive ingediants including the highly effective sea grass.

Aromaworks Absolute Express Facial

This shortened version of our full facial is perfect for a quick refresher when you cannot spare a whole hour of pampering. A condensed but active treatment to effectively repair and restore your skin.

Aromaworks Cocoon Indulgence

A delicate blend of sea salts and coconut oil are used to refine, exfoliate and balance the skin, before a rich formulation of pumpkin seed, coconut and rosehip oil is genorously applied to the entire body. Lie back onto our heated blanket and allow yourself to be wrapped up and cocooned whilst your therapist performs a rejeuvanating facial to ensure you are pampered from head to toe.


Aromaworks Purifying Pamper

This treatment is specifically designed to remove the build up of toxins in the body and help purify the skin. An ideal treatment to coincide with any dietary detoxification process. We begin by body brushing and exfoliating to increase circulation and remove any unwanted skin. A powerful blend of coriander and rose geranium is then massaged into the skin using lymphatic drainage techniques and meridian point therapy, to stimulate the body and boost toxin removal. Finishing your treatment with a cleansing tea to ensure you are purified from the inside out.