Radiance Gel Manicure

Gelish Manicures last up to two weeks, with over 100 colours in salon to choose from they offer incomparable shine and are smudge free and chip resistant. Our Gelish Polishs Cure in UV light in only 30 seconds.


File & Polish

A quick makeover for your hands with a large choice of Morgan Taylor polishes


Radiance Repair IBX Manicure

IBX Repair is a restorative nail treatment used to repair severe nail damage to set the stage for growth. IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate with multiple treatments, it fills deep grooves resulting in a smoother, healthier nail.


Radiance Spa Manicure

The ultimate solar oil manicure for luxury and skin softening. Includes exfoliation, heated mittens, rejuvenating hand mask and nourishing hand and arm massage.


Gel Nail Extensions

Gelish hard gel nail extensions offer length strength and durability with the flexible capacity gel gives causing no trauma to the natural nail.


Radiance Essential Manicure

An express manicure perfect for when you are on the go! Essential nail and cuticle maintenance in only 30 minutes.


Acrylic Nail Extensions

Nail extensions by Creative Nail Design, the world’s leaders in professional nail products. Acrylic nails offer strength, length and durability.