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The ultimate combination of advanced technologies offering a complete and prescriptive approach to non surgical face and body treatments.

3D-Inch Loss Treatment

Slim and sculpt your body with this inch loss treatment. Results can be seen from your first treatment. Using a combination of cavitation and shockwave therapy a full treatment plan will be devised to effectively remove soft fat from your areas of concern. A course is recommended to see transformational results.

1 Treatment session £125.00
Course of 6 £675.00
Course of 8 £900.00

3D – Bespoke Cellulite Removal

Using a combination of cavitation, radio frequency and shockwave therapy this treatment will not only to banish dreaded cellulite but also tone and firm sagging, wrinkling skin. Ideal for thighs and bum.

1 Treatment session £95.00
Course of 6 £550.00

3D Bespoke Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency works to effectively tighten the skin for a more youthful smoother and toned looking skin. Ideal for stretch marks, loose skin on arms, thighs bum or stomach.

30 min session £55.00 course of 8 £390.00
60 min session £100.00 course of 8 £720.00

3D Bum Lift

A combination of micro current, radio frequency, cavitation and shockwave will sculpt, tone, firm and lift the buttocks. Muscle lifting, skin tightening and fat reduction are combined to give an amazing transformation of this area.

1 session £95.00
Course of 6 £550.00

3D Fat Freeze

Using 3D-cryotherapy to target stubborn pockets of fat, the cells are lowered to minus 6 degrees causing 20% – 40% of the fat cells in that area to die.

Treatment Price £200.00

*Please note this treatment will cause bruising and redness which could last up to 4 weeks and results are seen after 2-4 months. Aftercare must be followed.

3D HIFU Targeted Fat Removal

Using the latest non invasive technology target specific focused areas of fat in the fastest possible treatment time. High Intensity Focused Ultra sound obliterates fat cells for good.

Treatment Price £400.00

Thigh Gap Treatment

Using duo 3D-cryotherapy to target stubborn fat in this area to help sculpt and define the inner thighs, followed by three weeks of shockwave therapy for noticeable results.

Treatment price £250.00

Bingo Wings Treatment

Using duo 3D-cryotherapy to target stubborn fat in this common problem area. A bespoke treatment program will be devised to also tighten and tone the lose skin in this area for a complete approach.

Treatment price £250.00

Chin Freeze

A one off treatment on the chin area using 3D fat freeze to reduce the fat under the chin.

Treatment price £125.00

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